The Westfield brand wanted to step out of the old mall trap and create a new kind of mall experience. To launch Westfield Century City, we immersed guests in a sensory journey full of unexpected discoveries to showcase how escapism and discovery play a central role in the mall’s brand experience. To bring this idea to life, we used playful juxtapositions with a twist of something unexpected as our core creative element.

Even directional signage was re-envisioned as something magical. We depict what appears to be an endless school of “fish” swimming in the same direction to guide customers towards Macy’s. Upon closer inspection, guests discover that the “school of fish” are elegantly dressed women.


An exclusive look behind-the-scenes at the "Bloom" photo shoot where we fabricated a dress made of lush flora to represent the acres of grassy open space at the newly renovated Westfield Century City.


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