Over the years, Pitch has received a few flattering words from those we respect most in the business. Here are some examples:

MARCH 2017
The IoT Checks In: Bringing Connectivity To Luxury Hotels
One of the oldest industries in the world is poised to pave the way forward for one of our newest technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT). Luxury hotels could be the frontier that finally moves the vision of IoT fully connected living from CES displays to real life. Frankly, given all the efficiency and cost saving advantages the IoT could bring the hospitality industry, it’s almost surprising it hasn’t happened yet. (McKinsey finds that IoT hype actually understates the full potential.) So it seems appropriate now to take a moment to imagine how we should communicate this revolution to the end user, the global affluent guest.


MARCH 2017
Improve Your Job Performance, By Volunteering
We sell “better” for our clients’ brands daily. But how often do we actually step out of the walls of our offices to stop selling and start giving to make the world better? Volunteering can actually make us better at our jobs.


Pitch Made Its Annual Holiday Cookies, Topped With the Key People and Moments of 2016 How many can you get?
O.J. rules the Emmys, Britain leaves the European Union, Beyoncé reinvents the music video, and Ken Bone captivates the country (as do Chewbacca Mom, Ryan Lochte, Melania Trump and Pokemon Go). Those are a few of the standout moments and personalities of 2016, according to the annual recap of pop culture from Los Angeles-based Pitch Agency, which presents its curated choices as screen-printed artwork on top of gourmet sugar cookies.


Pitch Names President Rachel Spiegelman CEO
Pitch, a Project Worldwide agency, has appointed President Rachel Spiegelman as its new CEO, effective January 1, as current chief executive Jon Banks transitions to the role of chairman.

Ms. Spiegelman, one of Ad Age's 2016 40 Under 40 honorees, was named president of Pitch in April 2013, about a year before the agency was acquired by Project.


Pitch Elevates Rachel Spiegelman To CEO
The incoming CEO has worked “tirelessly since we opened Pitch eight years ago and she’s the absolute best person to lead our next chapter," says Banks. "Clients love her and she’s an amazing marketer with strategic and creative chops able to get the best out of everyone. That’s an ideal skill set for a CEO.”


See These 5 Fun Ads For Public Storage via Pitch USA
Meteorites, Journey, Gravitational Pull, Eclipse & Exploration


JULY 2016
50 Creatives Whose Brilliant Ideas and Beautiful Craft Will Make You Jealous
For Linn, it's all about the visuals. "As an art director by trade, the creative process for me, nine out of 10 times, begins with a single key image that will help tell a story," she says. The former Dentsu and FCB creative has been telling stories at Pitch since 2013, and is particularly fond of her work for Netflix's Orange Is the New Black and Pepsi's 1893 soda.


JULY 2016
How Do Vulcans Buy a House on Earth? With Rocket Mortgage
The "Star Trek"-themed campaign was created by Pitch, Los Angeles, and is the result of a partnership between Quicken Loans and Paramount Pictures. The ads promote the upcoming "Star Trek Beyond" movie that opens in theaters July 22.

"The Vulcans have no emotions, and home buying can be very emotional," Mr. Steiber said. "It's an interesting juxtaposition, using the light-hearted humor of a non-emotional Vulcan to make a very emotional decision through the ease of Rocket Mortgage."


MAY 2016
Teaching the Math
By providing creatives (or any non-bean counter) a basic understanding of the budgeting process and costs that go into productions, we can reduce the waste. By teaching the math, we not only reduce the inefficiency but we empower creatives to practice “viable creativity.”


MARCH 2016
Meet Ad Age’s 2016 40 under 40
Pitch has become well-known for its work on Burger King, but Rachel Spiegelman is helping lead the agency to bring in more brands. As president, she's been an integral part of the Culver City, Calif., agency's success.


MARCH 2016
RANKED: The 30 most creative women in advertising
As president of LA agency Pitch, Spiegelman changed the official agency mantra to "Return on Creativity." This led to the "Stop Donating to the Homeless" campaign for the Weingart Center.

She also worked on the major rebranding of Burger King's children's menu: KING JR. Right now Spiegelman is working on a TV campaign for Pepsi's premium cola drink, "1893," and an ad for Netflix original series "Orange is the New Black."


Sweet Memories
Donald Trump, Caitlyn Jenner and the pope might never wind up sitting side by side. But they are sharing close quarters in a box of decorative sugar cookies meant to showcase some of the year’s buzziest moments.


Pitch sends out a year recap in cookie form
Just when I had gotten back on the exercise train, Culver City based agency Pitch sends out their pop culture cookies featuring the twenty biggest moments of 2015. These are hilarious.


NOVEMBER 2015 - High Stakes
Breaking on Monday Night Football, this national TV spot is created by Pitch for Citrix's GoToMeeting product. Not only is this the first GoToMeeting spot in a long time (since June 2014), it’s the very first that has a sense of humor.


Pitch Rolls the 3D CG Dice for Local Casino
Culver City’s Pitch won a review launched by the San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino last year after the client chose to search for the right shop to assert its status as “number one in visitation in its market.”

The campaign aspires to use its mix of CG, 3D animation and live footage in order to take viewers on a “wild ride into the interior emotions of casino players.”


JULY 2015
The Feeling is Mutual: Mentoring the Next Generation
"Millennials are sponges for on-going feedback that boosts confidence and a sense of purpose. Younger Millennials, who are just entering the workplace or only a couple of years in, tend to respond best to strengths-based coaching. Even constructive feedback can be framed as a strength to develop versus a weakness that needs fixing." -Sara Bamossy


Ad Age A-List Names Pitch Agency to Watch
Agencies--and the marketing landscape--never stop evolving. From well-established firms hitting a new stride or carving out different disciplines to up-and-comers offering digital-world solutions, here are 10 shops to have on your radar in 2014.

What started out in 2008 as a largely promotional shop in Culver City, Calif. has grown into an integrated agency that boasts a 43% revenue increase in 2013, a 50% increase in clients and an employee count rise to 47 from 27. It's been a longtime Burger King shop, but it added more general market and global duties to its account last year, along with other 2013 wins such as Pinkberry and Maaco.


JULY 2013
Twitter Names Maaco Twestimates Campaign a Creative Favorite
Maaco and Pitch offer "Maacovers" and rescue drivers after car accidents with a real-time #Twestimate on cost repairs. Maaco partnered with Pitch to evolve its brand personality and find new ways to connect with customers by simplifying the process of auto paint and repair. Knowing that social and digital would play a pivotal role, Pitch dubbed Maaco’s rebranding a #Maacover.