Culture is more than what an agency appears to be on the outside. It's the lifeblood. And a large part of Pitch's culture is made up by the employees that work here. We don't take them for granted which is why we have Pitch Black.

It's a program that funds personal projects and ideas that our Pitchers are passionate about, because we know that staying curious and feeding that creative hunger is what allows us to continuously create the best work for our clients.




The Weingart Center for the Homeless helps rebuild lives through their programs geared toward getting people off the street and into a job. But the heart of their mission, to end the cycle of homelessness, was getting lost or overlooked. We set out to get people to pay attention to a problem that’s become too easy to walk by and ignore. Through a rebranding campaign, we simplified and amplified their message: “Don’t make a donation. Make an Investment.”  When you invest in Weingart, you invest in lives, and you invest in a better Los Angeles. The campaign sparked global debate online, inspiring celebrity involvement and investments to Weingart skyrocketed. 


Lesbian Emojis

Fortunately, the iTunes App Store has expanded the options for ladies who love ladies by approving the Lesbian Emojis app. The set of emojis was created last year by Kimberly Lin, an associate creative director at L.A. agency Pitch, and they add a heap of new emoji options that represent some of the joys of lesbian life in visual shorthand.